Terminator Genisys (2015)

Not the best or worst film in the world. I applaud them for continuing the series rather than pretending some or all of the previous films don’t exist. I also like the original take on the story. Some of the action scenes are very good. The formula is pretty tired though, it doesn’t feel like anything original. The effects are mostly good but it does have a video game CGI feel, especially towards the end. They focus on the relationship between Sarah and Kyle which leads me onto what I hate most about the film. The casting is terrible. They replaced all the main characters with different actors except for the actual terminator. The new cast for Kyle, Sarah and John are nowhere near as good or memorable as the another of the other people that have played them. Kyle especially is a horrible miscast and is genuinely bad in the role to the point I wanted one of the terminators in one of the timelines to get him! Also, the pacing is not great, some really dull moments.

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