Paintball Massacre (2020)

So, this is not a perfect film. But, it is very entertaining. It is a low budget independent film about a group of school friends that go paintballing and get killed off one-by-one by a masked killer. The cinematography is mostly excellent, the sound is mostly great, the acting is mostly believable and engaging, the direction is mostly perfect, the story is mostly well paced. Mostly. The issue is that occasionally you are taken out of the experience by an issue. A character acting out-of-character, a scene not working, an actor weaker, and so on. Shame but to be expected as the budget probably wouldn’t have allowed them to go back and fix issues. If you don’t like digital effects then you’ll be mostly happy, they have tried unsuccessfully to add some blood here and there but hopefully you won’t notice. I wasn’t a big fan of the ending and the age gap between the school friends is comical but that just adds to all the other comic moments. Overall very much worth watching, it will hold you attention from the beginning to the end which will leave you guessing. Entertaining indie horror comedy that is never boring with great pacing, interesting characters and some rough edges.

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